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Mikeš the Tomcat with his beloved music composer

All lovers of Godár’s music are invited for the first performance of the work Querela pacis to the Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava on April 30, 2014. Although premiered four years ago at the festival Pohoda, due to the noise from the close stages and various attractions it was literally unhearable; therefore this year premiere will be the surprise even for the Pohoda visitors. More info on our page Upcoming events, page Querela pacis, and on the website of the Slovak Philharmonic (

At its regular annual concert on January 12, 2014, the Church choir from Pezinok Ad Una Corda performed, apart from pieces by other composers, the popular lullaby Dormi, Jesu by Vlado Godár with soloist Eva Šušková.

Marvin Rosen, the host of the WPRB radio station dedicated more than an hour of his music programme Classical Discoveries on October 16, 2013 to music by Vladimír Godár. Besides the principal work The Dariachanghi’s Orchard other compositions were aired: Barcarole for violin and strings, Emmeleia for violin and strings and Regina coeli. Check the regular doses of great music on wprb! (

In September 2013 a new issue of American review Music & Literature was released, focusing besides other themes on the work of Vladimír Godár. Apart from the interview led by the Editor-in-chief Taylor Davis-Van Atta, authors like Iva Bittová, Peter Breiner, Ivan Moody, Ian Patterson, Tomáš Šelc and others contributed to the issue. ( The part of the first presentation of the review was an event in the McNally Jackson bookstore on Manhattan on October 10, 2013, where the pieces by Vladimír Godár (O, Crux, Sonata in memory of Viktor Shklovsky for cello and piano and Talisman) were rendered by young New York musicians. ( And the composer was present, too! Music created such an enchanting and attractive atmosphere that even the visitors of the bookstore who didn’t know anything about the event and only came to see or buy something, came down the stairs to the bookstore basement, and mesmerized stayed till the end, sitting on the stairs or leaning against the full bookshelves. Acknowledgements belong to gorgeous and enthusiastic rendering of the musicians – cellist Colin Stokes, violinist Maria Im and pianist Nathaniel LaNasa! More info on Peter Breiner’s blog. (

The listeners from three Slovak towns had the opportunity to listen to the pieces from the CD Mater live in September 2013. Iva Bittová accompanied by the members of the ensemble and choir Solamente naturali led by Marek Štryncl performed the popular cycle in the churches and synagogue in Banská Bystrica, Bratislava and Žilina overcrowded by the listeners, who created an amazing atmosphere strengthened by mystique and mystery flowing from the stage.

The vocal ensemble Corund from Switzerland opened this year music festival Convergences on 15th September performing the pieces by the composers Byrd, Purcell, Bryars, Tavener and Zagar, and next to them it premiered the new Godár’s composition Sweet and Low and presented the piece Dormi, Jesu.

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Updated: April 9, 2014